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Sanskar Bharti T. T. College

About Sanskar Bharti Shiksha Samiti

Sanskar Bharti Shiksha Samiti is an education society registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958. The society was established and registered on 11-December-2002 by a group of highly dedicated and reputed persons belonging to the field of education, business/industry and social work.
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Sanskar Bharti Shiksha Samiti runs the college at N.H -8, Bagru, Jaipur-303007. This Land and Building is in the ownership of the Sanskar Bharti Shiksha Samiti. Green and Screen environment, echoing academic discussions, welcomes a visitor at College Campus.


Library plays a vital role in acquisition, organisation and dissemination of knowledge.It puts in place policies and procedure, systems and services and the ambience that facilitate creation of new knowledge. The college Library is a proud partner in the institute's march towards its grand success. It has an excellent collection of books, journals, reports and theses and other reading material. It has adequate infrastructure to meet requirement, has computerized all its operations-using software. It uses bar-code technology for the circulation of books.

Number of Books: 3521

Journals: 6

Encyclopedia: 2

Sanskar Bharti is having computer lab facility for students with more than 20 computer systems connected with LAN system and rest necessary hardware and furniture like white board, dot matrix printer, computer tables, chairs fans, tube lights, color printer, wall clock and above all Internet connection. (BSNL Broadband)


All laboratories of the institute are equipped with modern instruments and experimental facilities.


1. Bhatia Batter Performance Test of Intelligence
2. General Mental Ability Test-Pal & Tiwari
3. General Test & Intelligence – Jalota
4. Teaching Aptitude Test Battery –Karim
5. Bells Adjustment Inv.-Sharma
6. Valu Test – Gillani
7. Intorersion Extroversion Inv.-Singh
8. Anxiety Scale – Srivastav, Tiwari0-[[[[poil
9. Aprc Comprehensive Attitute Scale School Attitude Inv. Rao
10. Irror Drawing App. Elect/Battery Both System In Box
11. Finger Maze – T. Shape Elect/Battery Both System
12. Human Maze Pointed Elect/Battery Both System
13. Memory Drum App. – Hand Operated
14. Techistoscope App. Falling Door Type
15. Audio Visual Chart
16. Models of Teaching
17. Theories of Personality
18. Theory of Intelligence
19. School of Psychology
20. Theory of Learning

1 Bill Jar 2 Beaker 100ml 3 Beaker 500ml
4 Gas Jar 5 Cover Slip 6 Dissection Tray
7 Slide Box 50 Slide 8 Dissecting Microscope 9 Watch Glass
10 Science Charts 11 Fiber Glass Model 12 Musim Specimen
13 Chemicals Eosin 14 Salt “A” 15 Iodine Sodium
16 Formalin 17 Burette Stand 18 Burette Clop
19 Filter Paper Pkt 20 First Aid Box 21 Hand Glover
22 Platinum Wire 23 Purclin Dish 24 Spatlula Tand
25 Sprit Lamp 26 Spring Balance 27 Thermometer
28 Tongs 29 Test Tube Holder 30 Weight Box Fractal
31 Sulphuric Acid 32 Bromin Water 33 Chlrain Water
34 Zinc Metal 35 Dropping Bottle 36 Reagent Bottle
37 Pets Dish 38 Flask Measuring 250 ML 39 Glass Torch
40 Glass Tubing Roading 41 Dropper Weith Teeth 42 Buttle 500 ML
43 Pipette 44 Test Tube 45 Phenol Red
46 Picric Acid 47 Amm Chloride 48 Balance Physical
49 Capillary Tube 50 Compass T.G. 51 Demeal Cell Comp
52 Drying Board 53 Ler Circuit 54 Resiston Box
55 Boys Lan Apt 56 Sprir Lovel 57 Will Thermomter
58 Weight Box System 59 Scrow Gauge 60 Spherometer
61 Lechancher Cell 62 Pass Office Box 63 Ammeter
64 Voltmeter 65 Millimeter 66 Pris
67 Lens 68 Magentas 69 Resistance Wire
70 Connecting Wire 71 Ress Tin. Coil    


1 Educational C.D. 20
2 Language Learning Apparatus (M.D.)  
3 O.H.P. 1
4 Photo Camera 1
5 Video Camera 1
6 Colour Television 1
7 D.V.D. Player 1
8 L.C.D. Projector 1
9 Tape Recorder & Radio 1
10 Computer 1
11 Chart 10

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